Brand Research

Brand/Consumer/Category Audits

Our core business is derived from years of studying the customer in the retail environment. From this understanding we have developed creative tools that reveal, on a case-by-case basis, key elements of a brand packaging program that contribute to customer acquisition, loyalty, and long-term sales success.

Brand Strategy


Strategy drives our design process – providing clear, targeted direction to our creativity. Our strategy is defined by evaluating consumer experience. When a plan is executed properly, a product communicates value more effectively and is positioned at the point of purchase for maximum awareness.

Branding and Design


It’s not rocket science; it's brand science! New products (as well as those requiring re-innovation, revival, or refresh) enjoy the benefits of our talent and our expertise designing brands that are more effective, more memorable, and more profitable.


Creative Packaging Management/Print Production

Great designs that cannot be produced are simply "concepts". Some great product "concepts" suffer due to:

  1. Printing capabilities that are not properly aligned to meet desired design outcomes

  2. Creative production that is mismanaged and inefficient

  3. Creative responsibility that is passed down the supply chain to vendors that do not have brand management capabilities

Our creative management experience addresses these three challenges while saving our clients time and money. We accomplish this with efficient management of processes, vendor/partners, and their respective work steps.

Marketing Support

Video/Digital/Web Production

Creative development of digital solutions. Branded web site creation built to communicate strategic messaging and move product through own channels. Customized video solutions to tell brand stories ranging from operator training videos to national media commercials. Creating visual stories that move products.


Point of Purchase and Point of Sale is where brand messaging meets your customers. Maintaining brand integrity should extend to all merchandising elements of the consumer shopping experience. We bring this understanding of retail competition and the consumer experience to merchandising, displays, print and marketing collateral.

We brand for one primary purpose: to sell more products!

Our experience provides branding solutions for both CPG and B2B companies that desire elevated solutions that earn more business.