The Price of “Brand Dilution”

Successful brands do not risk “brand dilution.” For these companies POP, display and other merchandising materials do much more than just look like the product.  Retail science has taught these companies to compete for the sale for the entire “path to purchase” that ends at the store shelf.   Thus, every creative element on that path is designed purposefully to help the customer find the product, efficiently communicate ideas, and reinforce brand quality and value that influences the ultimate purchase decision. 

When poor merchandising dilutes the brand, product do not move off the shelf and sales suffer.  On the other hand, a well conceived brand design go-to-market strategy will move a lot of product and merchandising collateral.  Supported by insights on consumers and the retail environment, it is this philosophy that embodies Kennedy Creative’s approach to creative design and winning at retail.  Our firm offers best-in-class retail design intelligence to products, packaging and collateral in order to build brand integrity throughout the packaging and merchandising supply chain.

Aligning Kennedy Creative’s skills with your services will grow business:

  1. discover more effective ways to brand and position your current services to larger prospects
  2. increase the creative quality of your products to attract more lucrative brand relationships
  3. earning more business from customers seeking go-to-market solutions for new products