The kRate Program for brand rating analysis is a diagnostic tool used during the early creative planning stage for packaging design. Advantages include: scientific approach to branding; deconstruct creative elements that impact brand equity; objective creative data on customer acquisition and loyalty; and enables brand strategy that matches consumer behavior.


The SmartShop System℠ for category strategy and customer acquisition is a tool used to identify challenges and opportunities for larger brand families and SKU extension varieties. Applications include: creative design choices; brand hierarchy arrangement; category language priorities; information architecture; messaging impact; customer motivation; and brand shopability.


The Optimized Package Development Program℠ (OPD) was created to anticipate the organizational challenges of meeting a market opportunity. Advantages include: evaluation and assessment of core competencies for package re-design; improved organizational efficiencies within the package development work steps; decreased product to market time resulting in lower investment costs for brand launches and re-launches.