Your brand is your identity. 

Just as our clients make certain that their product(s) remain(s) consistent, Kennedy Creative makes certain that their branding remains consistent. Once a standard has been established for a brand, our quality assurance ensures that the brand remains consistent across the many different structures, substrates, and printing processes used in today’s marketplace.

Consistency between packaging and other branding is just as important for consumers who are already familiar with a brand. Huge shifts in packaging can confuse and frustrate a consumer and can cause them to have a difficult time finding a product on the shelf if the visual integrity has been compromised.

For STP®, Kennedy Creative developed a formula that allowed us to determine the size and location for the logo, copy, and other design elements based on the dimensions of the package. Additionally, color consistency was managed; making sure that the same Pantone® colors were used on each item. By doing this, we eliminated the confusion and questions that arose every time a new package was needed. The STP® line now has a consistent "family" look when viewed on shelf.