Americans are passionate about coffee. Most of us can't start off our day without a hot cup of java. We socialize with a cup in hand, we welcome its stimulating effects as a pick-me-up during our workday, and we sip it at the end of our meals. Coffee drinking is an enjoyable and important daily ritual to millions of Americans.

Evidence of our love affair with coffee is everywhere: Specialty coffee shops are found on almost every street corner, and gourmet coffee is now sold in neighborhood grocery stores, including Kroger. As the popularity of coffee increased, Kroger began noticing a flat sales trend of their house brand, likely due to the increase of coffee consumption away from home. Kennedy Creative was enlisted to perform a thorough category and brand audit to determine solutions for improvements in brand recognition, customer acquisition, assortment selection efficiency, and overall sales.

Through extensive research, packaging redesign and revised merchandising and shelving schematics, brand identity and perception with consumers was improved and Kroger coffee was able to stand out amongst the competition. 

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