Kennedy Creative is the only brand strategy and design firm that uses real world experts on every project. Our one-of-a-kind Creative Intelligence is designed to open the door to opportunities that drive high growth, building our clients' businesses with tangible results. Kennedy Creative draws from an exclusive pool of industry experts spanning an array of disciplines. The result: We custom build a team for every project. We develop strategic design solutions that make brands smarter, faster, bigger.


Strategy drives everything. Design is critical -- there’s no question about that. But the aesthetics follow strategy. And they exist only to serve a strategy that leads to faster growth. We believe bureaucratic layers stifle imagination and prevent clients from getting truly breakthrough ideas. That’s why we eliminate unnecessary obstacles and bring an unmistakable combination of creativity and pragmatism to the table. That’s where the real results come from.


Put simply, we build brands that move product. This can take many different shapes. Sometimes we create brands for new products from the ground up. Others, we revitalize when they have lost their luster. We might reposition a brand within a category for better growth. Or come up with a funky tweak in a product, position, packaging, or promotion that makes a brand more desirable to a particular market. View our work to see how this comes to life.


Our team is pared down to the essentials. This is deliberate. It allows us to reach out to experts within our own team or our partners across the country and assemble the team that comes together precisely to fulfill the needs of a project. Then of course, the team remains disciplined to project objectives, schedules, and budgets. We respond quickly; we’re flexible; we think about your brand differently. It’s the pairing of enthusiasm with experience that creates the best possible solution.

Our experts use objective criteria and metrics to help our clients identify branding opportunities, creative development efficiencies, retail sales opportunities, and winning strategies for taking products to market. Kennedy Creative’s knowledge of the retail marketplace is applied in a proprietary suite of services that create operational efficiencies, build customer loyalty, and drive sales opportunities. 

Please review our case studies to learn how our kRate Program℠ for brand ratings, SmartShop System℠ for category strategy, and our Optimized Package Development Program℠ for package development efficiency save our clients time and money with more focused branding, effective positioning, and agile processes to get packages on the store shelf.