Companies rise and fall based on the quality of brand management and anticipated brand valuations. Ultimately, the customer determines the value of a brand. How a brand “performs” and its subsequent value is determined by consumers’ response to the management of tangible and intangible elements that comprise the brand identity and related factors that influence the brand image. A bigger company doesn’t always translate into a bigger brand. Of course competitive brands attempt to influence the decision process for product selection before they reach the store aisle. However, “winning” at retail is measured by which company’s brand messaging successfully guides the prospective buyer or loyal customer to their product.

Kennedy Creative has become adept at assembling talent and tools to offer meaningful insight into these principles of brand performance and their correlation to brand identity. Whether a line extension or product introduction, we understand the stakes surrounding a brand asset and its impact on the balance sheet and place priority on our clients’ desire to successfully manage brands that create value for their company and shareholders.