I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

United Dairy Farmers (UDF) is a well established regional brand whose ice cream line was screaming for a refresh. When the company decided to improve the containers' structure, moving to a flavor-saving technology, they enlisted our help in updating the logo, slogan, and graphics used on the packaging. The logo is now more prominent, the flavor is easily identifiable through the use of both photography and consistent copy size and placement, and the line has a more cohesive feel when merchandised in both upright and chest style freezers.

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Cool Beans Are A Hot Commodity

Some kids will do anything to avoid eating their vegetables. They'll feed them to the dog, hide them in a napkin, or simply refuse to eat anything at all. When we were asked to design kid friendly packaging for a new line of green beans, we turned to a childhood classic for inspiration. By using "Jack and the Beanstalk" for design cues, we were able to create a more approachable product for the targeted market. Giving the veggies a "magical" spin through the use of whimsical graphics and illustrations allowed us to deliver a package that kids could relate to and one that helped parents encourage their children to eat healthier.

This packaging was an immediate winner with kids and The Produce Marketing Association who presented the design with it’s Excellence in Packaging Award.

10 Crucial Lessons From History's Greatest Graphic Designers


Many people know the names of influential architects, artists, and fashion designers; far fewer know the names of graphic designers. It’s strange to me, since graphic designers create so much of our everyday world. And it’s not only civilians with a general interest in design who lack that knowledge.

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What better way to gain immediate consumer trust than by partnering with an already well-stablished and respected brand? When Luber-finer® was ready to launch a new line of heavy duty cabin air filters, they did just that. By co-branding with Arm & Hammer™, an already well-established and respected brand, Luber-finer was able to instantly establish Extreme Clean HD™ as a high-quality, trusted product.

Kennedy Creative worked with both Luber-finer and Arm & Hammer from concept to shelf, creating name, logo, and packaging, as well as the POS and marketing materials for the new co-branded product. Existing standards were respected, new standards were created, and brand integrity was maintained throughout the process.

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Top 5 Packaging Trends 2014


Brand owners are constantly innovating to keep up with the changing demands and requirements of consumers, as well as to stand out in an increasingly competitive environment.

Alongside changing consumer habits, there have been recent developments in technology meaning there is now opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers to be more creative than ever before.

So, what developments should we be looking out for in the near future?

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Opening Day - Baseball & Beer

Wiedemann Reds.jpeg

Wiedemann’s Fine Beer has a long history linking them with the Cincinnati Reds, as evident in this vintage advertisement. This year, the new Wiedemann’s brand took to the streets in the opening day parade to celebrate fine beer and baseball and carry on that tradition!



When you visit a restaurant that serves breakfast, you are likely to see a selection of jams and jellies on the table. Chances are, they are Smucker's portion packs. Everybody has seen them, and almost everybody has used them.

The J. M. Smucker Co., a 100+ year old company, needed branding and packaging updates for a brand with identity deficiencies. The packaging production solutions we implemented enabled national distribution within 50 days of concept approval and our rebranding approach focused on packaging design changes, still in use 12 years after conception.

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The Personalized Product Revolution Is Now

In the past two decades, technology has allowed consumer-focused companies to not only shorten the feedback loop of bringing a product to a consumer market, they’ve brought the consumer right into the product-building experience. This helps to minimize dead-stock and unsold inventory, as well as create unique products precisely the way consumers want them. Nike participates with custom colors on their shoes, so how long until the manufacturing process allows for custom images or patterns on our shoes as well?

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Kennedy Creative was asked by DeanHouston Inc., a full service business-to-business marketing communications firm, to create the structure for MyTankInfo’s 3D counter display. It was unveiled at NACS's (National Association of Convenience Stores) Cool New Products Tradeshow, which featured the newest products and services available to the convenience and fuel retailing industry.

MyTankInfo’s booth ranked #2 in drawing the most attention, receiving the top scans for retailers, wholesalers and distributors. 

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Americans are passionate about coffee. Most of us can't start off our day without a hot cup of java. We socialize with a cup in hand, we welcome its stimulating effects as a pick-me-up during our workday, and we sip it at the end of our meals. Coffee drinking is an enjoyable and important daily ritual to millions of Americans.

Evidence of our love affair with coffee is everywhere: Specialty coffee shops are found on almost every street corner, and gourmet coffee is now sold in neighborhood grocery stores, including Kroger. As the popularity of coffee increased, Kroger began noticing a flat sales trend of their house brand, likely due to the increase of coffee consumption away from home. Kennedy Creative was enlisted to perform a thorough category and brand audit to determine solutions for improvements in brand recognition, customer acquisition, assortment selection efficiency, and overall sales.

Through extensive research, packaging redesign and revised merchandising and shelving schematics, brand identity and perception with consumers was improved and Kroger coffee was able to stand out amongst the competition. 

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2014 Logo Design Trends

It’s a new year and many companies are deciding to start fresh with an updated website design. This year, the biggest trend we’re seeing so far is the lean toward extreme minimalism. 

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Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have been re-establishing themselves as one of the country’s top Craft beer areas – ranking as the third-largest beer producer per capita in the United States. 

In order to capitalize on this trend and keep up with the competition, Geo. Wiedemann Brewing Company (a leading regional brewery), decided to create a new Craft recipe and update their look. Kennedy Creative was asked to re-design Wiedemann’s brand image and packaging line. 

The new packaging honors Wiedemann’s brand heritage by using traditional colors and design elements, reintroducing a fresh “vintage” look. The design evokes a sense of familiarity for those who enjoyed this classic adult beverage in the past and stands out among the Craft recipe brews currently on shelf. Wiedemann’s brand has a storied past and it’s sure to be continued, with it’s old and new following.


Your brand is your identity. 

Just as our clients make certain that their product(s) remain(s) consistent, Kennedy Creative makes certain that their branding remains consistent. Once a standard has been established for a brand, our quality assurance ensures that the brand remains consistent across the many different structures, substrates, and printing processes used in today’s marketplace.

Consistency between packaging and other branding is just as important for consumers who are already familiar with a brand. Huge shifts in packaging can confuse and frustrate a consumer and can cause them to have a difficult time finding a product on the shelf if the visual integrity has been compromised.

For STP®, Kennedy Creative developed a formula that allowed us to determine the size and location for the logo, copy, and other design elements based on the dimensions of the package. Additionally, color consistency was managed; making sure that the same Pantone® colors were used on each item. By doing this, we eliminated the confusion and questions that arose every time a new package was needed. The STP® line now has a consistent "family" look when viewed on shelf.


Can a dead brand live again? With the help of Kennedy Creative, it can.

Just because a brand seems to have no life left in it, it's not necessary to give up hope just yet. A little creativity and strategy can go a long way in producing some unexpected profits. GNC® had two separate brands that weren't doing well. Instead of cutting off the life-support, Kennedy Creative combined the two brands and gave them a new life. Optibolic was born: a smarter and sexier product that continues to thrive.



The kRate Program for brand rating analysis is a diagnostic tool used during the early creative planning stage for packaging design. Advantages include: scientific approach to branding; deconstruct creative elements that impact brand equity; objective creative data on customer acquisition and loyalty; and enables brand strategy that matches consumer behavior.


The SmartShop System℠ for category strategy and customer acquisition is a tool used to identify challenges and opportunities for larger brand families and SKU extension varieties. Applications include: creative design choices; brand hierarchy arrangement; category language priorities; information architecture; messaging impact; customer motivation; and brand shopability.


The Optimized Package Development Program℠ (OPD) was created to anticipate the organizational challenges of meeting a market opportunity. Advantages include: evaluation and assessment of core competencies for package re-design; improved organizational efficiencies within the package development work steps; decreased product to market time resulting in lower investment costs for brand launches and re-launches.