Olive Garden Italian Restaurant | Club Store Initiative

Olive Garden's Italian Dressing was already available in club stores. The initiative was an effort to maximize the product's visibility and effectiveness within these stores. Our goal was to position Olive Garden’s Italian Dressing with a stronger brand presence that takes full advantage of its iconic restaurant heritage and makes it easier for loyal customers to find on shelf.

The design process included increasing the logo on the 2-pack wrap, shipper/display box, and pallet skirt to enhance readability from a distance. The dark green background on the wrap allows the logo to pop while the screened image of a Tuscan field complements the brand and provides an additional Italian aspect to the package. The shipper/display box is designed to resemble a crate of vegetables and the appetizing graphics create a sense of freshness. The pallet skirt continues this fresh vegetable theme that immediately identifies the product as a salad dressing.