PETITOES–Package Creation


Petitoes | Package Creation

Petitoes potatoes was another breakthrough product from Hanline Farms, which had set out to establish a niche category for ready-to-eat commodities. The company had recently won an Excellence in Packaging Award from the Produce Marketing Association for it's Jack’s Magic Beans product line (also designed by Kennedy Creative). The goals for the package design focused on product innovation, consumer education, and visual appeal. Steam bags had limited use in consumer products until technological improvements made the consumer applications more practical and economical. Kennedy Creative approached the opportunity with category research and consumer insights for prepared ready-to-eat products. Brand naming, logos, color palette, and messaging were developed in conjunction with Hanline's brand, sales, and marketing principals. The design elements prioritized attractive color schemes, clear varietal information placement, and easy to read step by step cooking instructions. Once the initial design concepts were completed the packaging structures were tested with a control group and reviewed for user experience feedback.